3 articles to help your business lift its performance after Easter

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We hope you’ve had (or are still having) a relaxing Easter/Anzac Day break and are feeling reinvigorated as we march toward the end of the financial year. These periods away from work provide a brief respite from the day-to-day pressures of business, and a chance to reflect on what’s going well and what might need to be improved. Hopefully it’s also given you the opportunity to sample some of this season’s finest Easter eggs.

To help guide your thinking about ways to improve your business, we’ve provided links to the most popular posts on the Macleay Partners blog over the last few months:

Three ways to profit from digital disruptiondownload

Virtually every business has been transformed by technology, and this process of ‘digital disruption’ offers significant opportunities for companies. To help SMEs profit from the digital era, we have examined an interesting Deloitte report, Digital disruption: Short fuse, big bang? We’ve highlighted the top lessons for SMEs, including using digital tools to reduce overheads and more effectively manage people.

A distressing situation: spotting the warning signs of a business in trouble

When a business is in trouble, it doesn’t collapse straight away. In our experience, there are four stages a troubled company goes through – management stress, business stress, panic stations and keeping the lights on. In this blog post, we discuss each stage and how SMEs can intervene early to address key challenges and remain in business.

Macleay Partners: a specialist business turnaround practice

In case you’re not familiar with us, please have a read of our approach and the services we offer. At Macleay Partners, we’re focused on business continuity: our goal is to ensure businesses thrive and keep delivering value to stakeholders and communities.

We’d be delighted to offer you a free, confidential consultation to explore how we can help your business secure a successful 2014. Please contact Macleay Partners Director Justin Ward at justinward@macleaypartners.com or on 0420 305 345.


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