Macleay Partners: a specialist business turnaround practice

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About Us

Many businesses encounter financial challenges. Some of these challenges are short term, and others are more substantial. Either way, if owners don’t rapidly respond, the future of a company could be at stake.

At Macleay Partners, our goal is business continuity. We help companies deal with challenges early and effectively, to ensure businesses continue to operate and deliver benefits to owners, employees and other stakeholders.

Macleay Partners was established by Justin Ward , an experienced accountant, auditor and turnaround professional. Justin has worked for a number of leading firms, including Ernst & Young and de Vries Tayeh.


Justin has extensive experience in helping small to medium-sized businesses manage significant business issues, which can threaten the very existence of a business. He has also undertaken extensive pre-insolvency work and managed companies that are subject to external administrations.

During his career, Justin has witnessed firsthand what happens when businesses fail to respond to major challenges. When companies hit a crisis, stress levels run high and there may only be few options at an owner’s disposal. Instead, Justin intervenes early; he applies proven, technology-savvy solutions that improve processes and help build a better business.

The Macleay Partners difference

Macleay Partners offers our clients the following benefits.

We are independent

Macleay Partners is a specialist turnaround firm that is not affiliated with any insolvency practice. This means we are wholly focused on helping our clients achieve business continuity.

We are agile and nimble

We pride ourselves on being small and delivering a personalised service. During each engagement, you’ll be working directly with Justin with no layers of administration in between. We also use cutting-edge cloud-based accounting software, so we can efficiently address business issues.

We apply a best-of-breed approach

Business turnaround is a highly-specialised area. To ensure we deliver the best outcomes for every business, we harness the experience of leading professionals in fields such as accounting, insolvency and the law. We assemble top-quality teams to craft cost-effective solutions.

We offer targeted solutions

At Macleay Partners, we focus on the areas of a business where we can deliver the greatest results. We don’t overreach, but provide targeted, short-term assistance.

We work collaboratively with your existing advisers

Most businesses have an experienced set of advisers. We work closely with these advisers to develop long-term processes and solutions that can be maintained once the engagement has concluded.

How Macleay Partners can help your business

Our focus is on business continuity. Whether your business is facing immediate challenges, or you want to establish a robust platform for future growth, we can help.

We have assisted businesses in industries such as manufacturing and mining services address declining sales and streamline processes.

To find out how we might be able to help your business, please contact Justin Ward, Director at Macleay Partners, on the details below.

Phone: (02) 9356 4591
Mobile: 0420 305 345


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  1. Bill Hiscox says:

    Well done Justin, good luck with Macleay Partrners , impressive website

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