Punching above its weight: the power and potential of Australia’s mid-market

In Australia, the mid-market sector (defined as businesses with an annual turnover of $10 to $250 million) consists of 1.4 per cent of all Australian companies. However, this sector punches well above its weight. The mid-market sector contributes $425 billion each year to the Australian economy, employs around one in four employees, and accounts for nearly one-fifth of all borrowings and deposits.[1]

According to GE Capital’s recent Australian Mid-Market Report 2014, the mid-market sector

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Taking a structured approach: managing business restructures

It’d be great if running a business was smooth sailing all the time. But the reality is that companies can encounter a variety of challenges. These could include tax disputes and employee litigation, getting access to sufficient working capital, and securing additional funds from lenders to take advantage of future opportunities.

These issues can impose strain on a business. They can cause physical strain, as they add to the stress levels of company directors and managers. They can also cause

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What does a chief restructuring officer do?

When companies find themselves in trouble, they don’t always have the capabilities to get out of trouble. So, some businesses seek expert assistance to enhance their operations. In our experience, leading companies often recruit a professional, known as a chief restructuring officer (CRO), to lead the improvement process.

What exactly is a CRO?

While the term CRO is extensively used in the United States and Europe, it is an emerging concept in Australia.

For a company facing financial difficulties, a

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4 tools for running an office in the cloud

The first year of a new business isn’t easy. We’ve been delighted to have thrived in our first year – but we’ve had our challenges. One frustration is how admin tasks can steal time away from our core business.

But, by using a set of powerful and inexpensive online tools, we’ve been able to cut down on admin time, automate regular activities and deliver higher-quality services to our imageclients.


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3 articles to help your business lift its performance after Easter

We hope you’ve had (or are still having) a relaxing Easter/Anzac Day break and are feeling reinvigorated as we march toward the end of the financial year. These periods away from work provide a brief respite from the day-to-day pressures of business, and a chance to reflect on what’s going well and what might need to be improved. Hopefully it’s also given you the opportunity to sample some of this season’s finest Easter eggs.

To help guide your thinking about ways to improve your business,

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Three ways to profit from digital disruption

Virtually every business has been transformed by technology. With the power of smartphones, Wi-Fi networks and cloud computing, businesses no longer need physical shopfronts, and customers want around the clock access to services. This ‘digital disruption’ offers significant opportunities for companies.

For example, in their recent book, Changing Shape: Institutions for a Digital Age, Lindsay Tanner and Martin Stewart-Weeks discuss a Melbourne stockbroker that has outsourced basic data and aggregation work to India – tasks that

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What is my Business Worth?

The importance of business valuations

As a business owner, do you know what your business is worth right now? In our experience, some owners struggle to accurately value their operations. Or they base their valuations on outdated assumptions and gut feel.

ValueEither way, without a robust and accurate valuation, owners (and their advisors) may be at a disadvantage during potential transactions. They may also encounter additional difficulties in challenging scenarios such as

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Getting ahead in the cloud: a quick guide to cloud computing

Cloud computing is a major buzzword that’s hard to escape. But it’s also a useful tool for small to medium-sized enterprises. We’ve used it to help our clients reduce costs, become more efficient and improve their financial footing.

What is cloud computing?

There are many different definitions of cloud computing. We think this one, sourced from the Google Developers website, is one of the clearest: cloud computing is about “taking applications and running them on infrastructure other than

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Turning Around a Business with Xero

Below is a case study written by Rob Stone, which originally appeared on the Xero Blog:

Businesses have their ups and downs, and you have to feel for the managers concerned when major problems arise. So it’s pretty exciting to hear about the use of Xero as part of a turnaround expert’s toolkit. The toolkit has helped the business rework their workflows and processes and turn around their situation of financial hardship.

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