Business Valuations

Experienced, trusted reporting for your company

Before you buy or sell a business, or resolve family or commercial disputes, you might need to obtain a business valuation. This process is critical in determining the fair market value of a business – a value based on facts rather than gut feel. Macleay Partners has conducted business valuations for companies in a variety of industries. We have successfully applied our proven approach to valuations in the following areas.

With significant experience in business valuation across many businesses in Sydney, Macleay Partners tailors a valuation to suit your needs. We ensure that the reports are written in plain English and our methodology is fully explained. This enables the users to fully understand the process.

Buying or selling businesses

During business transactions, sellers are looking to maximise the sale price while buyers are looking to gain the maximum value possible from their purchase. Sometimes these goals can be in conflict and parties find it hard to determine the fair price of a business. We can undertake valuations of your business or target businesses to assist you in making the right decisions during major deals.

Family and relationship disputes

During family disputes such as divorces, it may be necessary to obtain a business valuation as part of proceedings. We can help you obtain a robust valuation to ensure assets are distributed fairly and equitably.

Business restructures

If a business encounters trouble, creditors, shareholders and other stakeholders will explore different ways to get the company back on track. Each scenario will likely affect the business differently. We can undertake valuations based on each course of action to determine the most effective strategies, and help implement business restructures.

Retirement planning

In preparation for retirement, business owners need to understand whether their assets can support a comfortable life once they have stopped working. As part of this process, we can value a business and determine how financially secure owners will be in retirement.


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